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Suzanne Le Stage Photography - Kelowna O

   COCO        Creative Visionary

Owner of Purnama Style Lounge & The World Of INDAH

International Bridal Services: @indah.bridal

Jewelry Line: @theworldofindah


What beauty inspirations have you found the most influential?


Finding beauty in the imperfections is what influences me to enhance the beauty that lies within all humanity.

What inspired you to create Purnama Style Lounge?

In June of 2015 I was presented with an opportunity to open my own beauty sanctuary, a space where beauty artists can work in a supportive and positive environment so they can transform their guests in an inspiring environment. A small reno quickly became a big reno and Purnama Style Lounge was born!  Purnama is influenced by the all amazing salons I worked during my beauty journey as well as from my passion for travel. I spent alot of find in Bali working on The World Of INDAH, my jewelry line.  Purnama was inspired by my global travels & I wanted a space I could bring a part each of my favourite countries into one space in the Okanagan Valley.  Creating Purnama was a. project that was filled with so much passion, creative energy asI was fuelled by a vision I had, to freedom & a community for beauty artists    I feel so blessed everyday to be apart of other beauty artists journey in the industry and help them expand in any way I can.  I am very thankful to everyone who has influenced me and shared their knowledge along the way,  learning from my personal experiences I can now pay it forward helping guide others along their journey.

You mentioned you own a jewelry line, can you share more details?


The World Of INDAH was created when I opened up Purnama, before I took on the salon renovation project there were two businesses side by side.  A hair salon & a jewelry/crystal gift shop, I decided to fly to Bali before starting the project & designed my first collection! Since then I have expanded into the world of wholesale & Free People just picked up my line!  It's been a dream of mine so I feel very grateful all my hard work & passion is finally coming into fruition.  Visit - did you know that The World Of INDAh is available to purchase at Purnama Style Lounge? 

Who is your hero & why?


My Mom & Dad for always being there for me no matter what & teaching me what unconditional love is. Also, Zain, the love of my life for loving me for who I truly am inside & out, he is constantly teaching me to evolve, expand & encourages me to be the best person I can me.  He is my one true love & I can't imagine my life without him.  

Fav Beauty Product: 


SHINE GLOSS BY AMIKA!  It's a dream come true, apply for 1 min Apres shampooing, rinse, follow with conditioner then blow-dry.  You will have the silkiest hair ever!  Even my love uses on his beard once a week & it magically tames the frizz.

Other than beautifying, what are your passions in life?


MY FAMILY, I have strong beliefs that family comes first always.  My husband and my puppy Aura are my everything.  I also love to travel, hike, practice hot yoga, pilates, bootcamps, cooking organically &with lots of love, cruising my bike, collecting all types of worldly music, learning about the powers of crystals, designing & creating art, styling shoots, astrology & connecting with plants. I take great pride in being an orchid whisperer.

You are stranded on an island, what are three things you cannot live with out?


My twin flame, my angel puppy Aura & of course coconuts. 

Would you rather ride a unicorn or swim like a mermaid?

Fly on a unicorn to the most magical spot in the ocean then swim with the mermaids with my sparkly mermaid tail.

Quote To Live By:  "Beauty lies within the imperfection."

Favorite Scent: Our signature scent, Frangipani Flowers.

Favourite Color: GOLD 

Most Memorable Travel Experience?


It is too hard to choose just one......Colombia with the love my life was unforgettable, meeting my Twin Flame while I was living in Tulum, exploring the magical island of Bali & learning about the unique culture in Indonesia,.  I have been 9x and each time I have had completely different experiences. Spending so much time in in South East Asia allowed for me to build my brand and find my manufacturer for my Jewlery line.  Experiencing Chefchaouen in Morocco, the blue city was also incredible, think Aladdin’s town painted 50 shades of blue. Swimming in the open ocean with a humpback whale and her baby in French. Polynesia was surreal, & hiking to find a family of gorillas in Uganda was pretty special too. I LOVE TO TRAVEL but lately I feel so grateful to have found my home with the man from my dreams.  There really is no place like home.

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