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Desi Reiser     Junior Stylist

Instagram: @hairbydesi__

Tell us about your beauty education and how it made you so fabulous.

My hair journey started when I was really young and was helping everyone do there hair and makeup at my Aunts wedding when I was 14. After that I went in to cosmetology class in high school where i found my passion for it. I had really great teachers and they always pushed me outside my comfort zones when it came to hair which really helped me. I was given two scholarships to use at Evelyn Charles academy, and took an eyelash and makeup course. Then for my hair schooling I went to MC college in Edmonton and Graduated in 2019. Since then I have been blessed to work with so many talented stylists and have had such great mentors. 



What’s your specialty?

I would say my specialty with hair would be lived in blondes, anything balayage or foilayage and modern shag cuts. Open air paints also have a special place in my heart. 



Other then beautifying, what are your passions in life?

My other passions in life I would say would be art, I do lots of different types of media's when it comes to painting and recently started doing more digital drawing which also keep me occupied. Ive been vegetarian since I was 11 years old and that has still stuck with me and since moving here I have transitioned into a fully vegan diet. 



What is your favorite beauty product and why?


My favourite beauty product would be the renaissance mask, it just smells so amazing and makes my hair feel so good. 



Would you rather ride a unicorn or swim like a mermaid?

If I had the choice between being a unicorn or mermaid, I would definitely choose mermaid because I've watched a few conspiracy videos on how they actually might be real. Plus Living in the ocean would almost be equivalent to living on another planet because of all the different species that live down there and that have been undiscovered. 



Favorite Color?  Green



Favourite Crystal?  Amethyst for the wild dreams it brings me and snowflake obsidian.



Best Scent?

Patchouli or anything else super earthy and musky. 


Most Memorable Travel Experience? 

That would be Hawaii when i was stung by a jellyfish, I haven't done much travelling yet but moving here was the start of that. :)

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