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  Grace Corradetti         Beauty Guru

 Instagram: @fiftyshadesofbalayage 

What beauty inspirations have you found the most influential?

Natural beautiful. When I was in grade two I remember there were two twin boys who had the most beautiful natural blonde hair, their hair had so many different demenisons of blonde. Very blonde around the front hair line that blended out to a deeper golden blonde at the root that blended to a very light lived in blonde through the ends. Ever since then I've been obsessed with blonde natural looking hair hence why specialize in blonde balayage. It's a bit of an obsession.

Tell us about your beauty education and how it made you so fabulous. 


I have been a very lucky person in this industry and have had access to amazing classes my entire life. My mother Naomi was a platform artist, she educates the educators, owns a salon and inspires students across Canada working with Paul Mitchell. She led me to salons that would better my education and further me in my career as a stylist. She allowed me to start my job on the floor, she would bring me along with her to do weddings and huge events as a hair stylist and makeup artist at 15 years old. Hair is my passion, people are my passion. I generally find people and their style to inspire hair creations. It's all around us if you're looking! 

What’s your specialty?


Balayage, hair painting. Where I think the sun would hit your hair naturally is where the highlight must go!

Who is your hero & why?

Cliche, but I don't care. As you can tell it would be my Mother because of her passion to teach, up lift people and spread knowledge of her passion. The fact that when she see's the light bulb go off in their head and she can tell that they understand what she's teaching fuels her and says a lot about the person that she is. She's my best friend and inspiration. 

Fav Davines Product:


Davines Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner because it gives my hair lustre and shine.

Other then beautifying, what are your passions in life?

Its always been people. Helping people see the light in them selves. I'm very maternal so getting a chance to get them under my wing and guide them towards self love, that is my passion.

You are stranded on an island, what are three things you cannot live with out?


Pasta, my love and my animal 


Would you rather ride a unicorn or swim like a mermaid?

Swim like a mermaid, I have a fear of the ocean so I figure if I could breathe under water I wouldn't be scared anymore. 

Favorite Scent: Old perfumes from my past. Always triggers the memories of your life and reminds you of how far you've come.

Favourite Color: The moon

Favourite Quote: 

Man makes plans and god laughs. Meaning, you can plan for anything but at the end of the day you have zero control over anything that is meant to happen. So you might as well let control go and choose to live. 

Most Memorable Travel Experience?

Theres so many! I think it's always when I decided to spend a whole day to myself. I always feel like my truest self when I'm away from home in a different country or city with out any comfort of familiarity or anyone to keep me entertained. I always tend to put myself out there and make friends, eat by myself and get lost. I love finding my way back home.