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Hair Salon In Kelowna

Why You Should Choose Our Hair Salon In Kelowna

If you’re searching for the ultimate hair salon in Kelowna, Purnama Style Lounge is the ultimate place! Our magical, sustainable beauty sanctuary is located in the stunning Okanagan Valley. Our incredible salon will transport you to a calm and peaceful place of beauty and tranquility. We offer a wide variety of services including Balayage Kelowna and a whole lot more. Every room in our salon showcases some of Coco’s favorite places she’s traveled too, and each one is designed using Feng Shui to promote feelings of positive energy in the space. When you visit our hair salon in Kelowna, you’ll take in our amazing organic signature scent of Frangipani, which is Bali’s national flower. You’ll also get to sip on and enjoy our special tea blend made with chair bubba, or you can sip on an incredible espresso from Pilgrim, our local coffee roaster in Morocco.

Experience the relaxing feelings of India during our amazingly relaxing shampoo and scalp massage. Put on a smooth custom silk robe and cape and float away in our Beauty Charmers tent during your lash service. Rejuvenate your skin in our peaceful Zen room and rest up as you experience customer service like no other. We have been a Green Circle salon since 2005 and we try to recycle everything we can from foils and coloring to hair to prevent it from entering our oceans and soil. Come explore our range of salon services including cut, coloring, lashes, massages, and Balayage Kelowna, just to name a few. You will walk away feeling beautiful, relaxed, and totally refreshed. We got our name from the Sanskrit work Purnama, which means “full moon.” Be sure to explore our website and sign up for our newsletter to learn more about our moon rituals and our many incredible salon services today!

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