Mykee Haffenden      Hair Designer


What beauty inspirations have you found the most influential?


I really like Guy Tang.  He really changed how the industry approached colour.  He proved an independent stylist can be wildly successful and by expanding into other ventures like music and design really showed that hairdressers are true artists.


Tell us about your Beauty education and how it made you so fabulous!


I started my beauty education at the MBSS hairdresser program then went to Marvel college after that.  I did hundreds of weekly education classes at Cream salons where they flew me to Santa Monica where I studied at the Vidal Sassoon Academy.  Now I’m an educator for Wella and have presented education seminars for other hairdressers across Canada and continue to do so when I’m not in the salon.  I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years and I absolutely love it.


What's your specialty?


I love short, fun, flirty hair and blondes.


Who's you hero & why? 


My mom and dad because of their constant support.


Other than Beautifying what are your other passions in life?


I love fitness, nature, books, dance and learning new things. I have a stage persona “Mykee Spears” where I perform pop song at night venues. Its so fun!


If your stranded on an island what are three things you cant live with out?


Clippers to fade my hair, the BlackOut album by Britney Spears and a hula hoop.


Would you rather ride a unicorn or swim like a mermaid?


Hmm, ride a swimming unicorn!


Quote to Live by:


“Only when we operate out of creativity and vulnerability we can have a life that is happy, original and incomparable” – Brene Brown


Favorite Colour? Cyan


Best Scent :  Rain on a spring day.


Most memorable travel experience:


Doing a hair show infront of Niagra Falls.