What beauty inspirations have you found the most influential? 



Tell us about your beauty education and how it made you so fabulous. 

My Beauty education started 6 years ago at MC college. I feel like I have been a part of the beauty industry for far longer than that though. I Used to be a nail biter so when my mom ordered me my first gel nail kit in grade 8 I was so excited to give myself the long beautiful nails I always had wanted. I love that being an esthetician means that people can come to me and get head to toe treatments. From brow waxes, to brazilians, massage, and all nail care. 

What’s your specialty? 

Full body waxing. I’m mostly known for my Brazilian and Brow waxing. 


Who is your hero & why?

My mom! Her positive attitude towards everything in life always encourages me. She always continues to inspire me to work hard, try new things and to never give up on what I love. 



Other then beautifying, what are your passions in life? 

Traveling! I love packing up my travel bag, hopping on a plane and exploring new places in the world 


You are stranded on an island, what are three things you cannot live with out? 

My dog, my lip chap and sour keys 



Would you rather ride a unicorn or swim like a mermaid? 

Water freaks me out, so definitely ride a unicorn! 


Favourite Color? Baby blue 



Favourite Crystal? Amethyst 



Best Scent? Vanilla 



Most Memorable Travel Experience? 

Back packing Thailand with my older sister and brother-in-law. We were touring around one of the islands on scooters and I kept telling my sister not to go too far ahead of me because there were so many monkeys on the side of the road, so if we got separated, I would be too scared to pull over to call her (I'm terrified of monkeys). Minutes later we got separated and I had to pull over...... 15 monkeys start coming towards me and were now blocking the road so I couldn’t even pass.... Thought that was it for me. Luckily my sister and brother-in-law finally realized I wasn’t behind them and came back for me, but for a second there I definitely thought I was going to get attacked by 15 monkeys on a back road in Thailand.

Sera Herbert         Esthetician   Instagram: @sera.marie.esthetics