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The Top 5 Ways To Show Your Hair Some Love

Love Is In The Hair Show your hair some love this year and insure your thirsty hair is nourished and happy! Keeping the health of your hair up will allow your your locks to shine bright & even help your color to last longer. When hair is over stressed it becomes very porious aborbing color quickly and letting it go just as quickly. Healthy hair is happy hair. We know everyone likes to go alittle lighter come spring, make sure your hair is in good health before your next color service!

The Top 5 Way To Love Your Hair

1. Gift your hair an Olaplex treatment. Ask your stylist to add olaplex on to any service. Use step 3 at home weekly to prolong treatment. If your hair is super unhappy add in a Davines mask as well.

2. Take Omega 3's to insure your hair is healthier from the inside out! Bamboo Sillica is also great for hair and nails. 3. Use Davine's Melu Shield before blowdrying your hair to protect against heat. Using a heat protecting spray such as Davine's Non Gas Spray with add an extra layer of heat protection for those locks. 4. This step will take some hair training . Try washing your hair every 2 or 3 days to reduce drying your hair out and allowing the natural oils absorb into your mane. Dry shampoo will become your best friend! 5. Use a silk pillow case to reduce breakage. (Available soon at Purnama.) If your hair is long, sleep with your hair in a loose braid and make sure to use a seamless elastic at all times! Enhance your inner beauty, Written by Courtney Our Creative Director <3

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