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Blowdrying Tips

Everything You Need To Know About Blowdrying

The Blowdryer, a staple item for almost everyone. A tool most of us have in our bathrooms, something many of us use on a daily basis, but do we really know how to use such a common place item?

1. Heat Protection - Lets start with protection like any other heat styling tool a blowdryer can do just as much harm to the hair, as it can good. By using a heat protection spray or mousse it can help relieve some of the stress from the heat. One of our favourite heat protection sprays is the Melu Shield by Davines. Using it can help from opening the hair follicle which helps reduce flyaway and frizz. Always keep the dryer moving, never focusing in one area for too long as this can cause some major damage. When looking for the perfect blowdryer to take home I would stick with something in the 1300 to 1875 watts range. Feel free to contact us if you need help choosing the perfect blowdryer for your locks.

2. Volume Baby - A mousse works with the heat and the hairs natural texture to protect and control the hair. Let's be honest, everyone loves volume. My favourite mousse at the moment is a fantastic Davines product called This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse , it works to not only protect the hair but also add body and strength. Begin blowdrying your roots first using your fingers to push the hair upwards to create some mega volume.

3. Tips When Blowing Out Your Hair At Home - Now that our root are taken care of, our hair shaft is protected its time to pull out the big guns. When using a blow dryer its very important to make sure that the blow dryer is always pointing down the hair and never “up” the hair shaft. By pointing the heat down it help smooth the hair while also allowing the water in the hair to be released. If your hair needs extra help with smoothing I would at half a pump of Davines Oi Oil to your mid shafts and ends.

4. Buttons On Your Device - I know there is a lot of confusion about all the buttons on this contraption. Let's put your minds to ease. Firstly the hottest setting is lovely for creating smoothness with thick or coarse hair types. The low setting is perfect for finer hair types. If your hair has mostly air dried use the low setting no matter what hair type you have to prevent over drying and excess frizz! Switch over the cool when your hair is 85% dry to create a beautiful shine to the cuticle by sealing it.

5. Brushes & Blowdryers - Finally its time for the real fun to begin, this is where the style comes to life. You should also never use a brush while blowdrying until the hair is 75% dry. Using a brush can stretch the hair to different lengths causing some of the hair to snap and break.Using a blow dryer allows people with curly hair to have it straight, it can give someone with no volume,the ability to have body and texture. All of us at Purnama adore the Bore Bristle Round Brush by YS Park.

Happy Blowdrying!

Written by Linda Ross

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