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Permanent Cosmetics With Our Beauty Queen

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattooing technique in which one can create captivating smudge proof eyeliner, breathtaking well defined brows and youthful fuller looking lip liner and lip color. It can correct uneven facial features and even camouflage scars. All makeup is stenciled on before the procedure and will only be performed when you are 100% satisfied with the design. Your permanent makeup will last anywhere from 2-5 years without needing a Touchup. There use two different numbing creams for maximum comfort, a topical to start the procedure and one for open skin.

Permanent makeup has come a long way since it was first came around about 30 years ago. With these new techniques the tattooing imitates hair like strokes to make your brows look like they are real hair. Eyeliner has become much more defined and natural. Come in for a consult to learn more about these magical services!

Receive a special Purnama gift bag on all Permanent Makeup services during the month of May!

Enhance your inner beauty,

Written by Nicole

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