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Confessions Of A Hairstylist

What is beauty? Is it the perfect outfit? Those new shoes that were calling your name in the store window? Getting to your ideal beach weight only to still feel less than perfect in your bathing suit? For centuries, women have adorned themselves with jewels, hair out to there,skinny to rubinesque. So who and why do we do this for? I think we all know who we do it pressure,media men, other women. But do we really do it for ourselves? If we did- would we be wearing sky high heels that kill our feet..Spanks, that don't let us take a breath, destroying our hair with cheap chemicals and hot tools? Don't get me wrong ladies... I LOVE to look good, but these days as the clock has turned over a half century for me, I have found a new idea of beauty. One that has me taking a look to know what it feels like to be comfortable in my own skin.. NOW THAT IS SEXY!!! Taking care of my crowning glory, using organic high quality products on my Daviness, which by the way leaves almost 0 carbon footprint on our precious earth. Finding a stylist/ salon who is all about finding your perfect cut and color without harsh chemicals. Stylists who really care, who are in the know about the latest and greatest treatments like Olaplex, and colour that doesn't contain things like formaldehyde and ammonias. That's taking responsibility for ourselves and our planet.THAT IS BEAUTY. We are like snowflakes...not one of us is a carbon copy of one another,so trying to fit ourselves into one look fits all....kinda boring don't you think? So I invite you to step outside the cookie cutter mold...Embrace your curls, love your length, go short and dangerous, ask your stylist about how to do a great topknot, put some sun kissed baleage to the test. Feel free ladies to embrace more than one look...Breakout! Feeling beautiful and empowered starts on the inside- the icing on the cake is what you do on the outside.

So....perhaps having it all is knowing that you already do.

Peace, love, and great hair,


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