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The Truth About Pastels

Dear Pastel Hair Lovers,

Since we are still having so much interest from our guests about having these lovely mermaid locks, we thought we would take some time to educate our lovely

clients on just how complex these metallics and pastels can truly become, depending on the palette we have to work with in the beginning. With the pastel/mermaid/

unicorn trend in full swing, we need to all take an objective step back and ask ourselves, "Am I an eligible candidate for this look?"

If you are already blonde, good news, it should be an easy transition, but beware, although these pure colours fade quickly, they can be a pain in the you know what to remove completely so you may be stuck with an unwanted color for awhile. If you have dark hair or coloured hair you may be able to achieve the vivids fairly quickly depending on the desired tone, but any pastel tones will likely require several sessions of lightening before you will be there. It will also be important to be investing in reconstructing treatments for your hair in between and during your lightening sessions. Please be aware, when you see on social media before and after pictures from dark to light and amazing transitions from dark to pastel, many of these artists are sponsored by companies to do this work and promote their products, they sometimes spend 10 plus hours per model, sometimes with several assistants, and likely getting a substantially higher wage than the average stylist. That being said, all of us love to play with new trends!! However most of these colours end up being corrective to start with, and we like to do things in stages to keep in mind the budget of the average person, the integrity of the hair, and the time constraints of the average stylist. The best thing you can do is have an honest consultation with your stylist about it to understand the time and cost involved to see if it's the best option for you! If you do decided this is this is what your heart desires here are some tips on how to prolong those gorgeous pastel locks of yours.

1. Never use hot water to wash your hair, ideally ice cold water would be best. Hot water opens up your hair cuticle washing those gorgeous pastels down the drain.

2. This goes for any color, however it must be said. Do not expose your mane to the sunshine when possible and always use a UV protectant such as Davine's Oi-All-In-One Milk

3. Use treatments on your hair regularly to help keep up the integrity of your hair, this will help to keep up the porosity of your hair, helping your mermaid locks hold on to your fresh pastels much longer!


Your Mermaid Hair Artist


PS. Attached is a picture of an example of how another salon would charge for a corrective color for a better understanding of the process and the potential pricing depending on your pre hair game.

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