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Hair Trends 'What Goes Around Comes Back Around'

Being in the industry for as long as I have been, I've seen hair fashions come aroud again and again. The patterns I have noticed is the fashions are always similar to past trends but with a little different twist. Trends are always changing yet the foundation of a hair stylist's techniques remain the same. For us to keep up with what is current in the hair industry, we as hair artists need to stay educated and update ourselves constantly to be able to offer our clients fresh new looks!

I love doing hands on training classes but I am often inspired by all those creative minds on Instagram and I love watching new techniques and patterns on You Tube. Trends are always evolving in color from techniques such as bayalage, strobing and foilage to the overall appearance the client sees when they look in the mirror, ombre, sombre or simply sun-kissed hair. To clear up any confusion for clients who don't know what to ask their stylist for, here is a quick break down, bayalage/strobing is a freehand way of applying color or lightener and ombre/sombre's is the actual placement of color. At the moment most blondes are leaning towards cooler blondes, rose gold or even soft pastels colors softly flowing through icy blondes. Multi-tonal coppers are on fire & chocolate browns with dimensional cool tones are in full swing!

As for styling, one year everyone wants straight hair then the next it's curly textures. Currently the most popular styles are perfectly polished styles that look undone finished with a soft shine. Since the world of fashion is always changing at full speed we as stylists have to go beyond the salon to keep our clients happy. Yes, everyone wants to keep up with the trending fashions but at the end of the day if the client is unable to recreate the look at home on their own or the current trend will not suit their hair texture, face shape or skin tone it is our job to educate our guests on styles that will be more suitable for them. It is this moment in our career that we build an everlasting trust with our clients, who know we are here to offer them the most modern styles and advanced color trends that will enhance their beautiful features.

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