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The Story Behind Permanent Cosmetics

What's The Story With Permanent Makeup? With permanent makeup being on the rise of new beauty trends, we all wonder the same things. Is it safe? What are the risks ? Are their side effects? Is it really permanent?

One of the most important things to do after deciding that permanent makeup is right for you, is finding your artist. Making sure your artist is qualified in not only using her equipment but more importantly making sure she is safe! The safety for my clients as well as myself is my number 1 of importance. A huge reason why the disinfection of my equipment is so important is to prevent the buildup of bacteria and diseases. When I use a tool, bacteria comes onto the device. If I don't disinfected properly, then it is highly likely that bacteria will grow. To make sure my guests know I'm being sanitary, I open all my implements in front of each client and dispose of them in a sharps container after each use. By washing my hands, using gloves, wearing a face mask, a hair cap and a disposable apron will keep us both safe.

After I've done your beautiful new brows or liner, I will thoroughly go over aftercare with you. Some of the side effects you will notice will be swelling, tenderness possible slight bruising, all these will will last up to 72 hours.

Another thing to remember when deciding who will be doing your fab new brows is good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good! So when you see those ladies posting that they will do you brows for $99 remember you get what you pay for.

I always offer free consultations if you'd ever like to come by and I can assure you about any other questions you may have!

For the month of December if you mention this article save $50 on your permanently pretty brows with Nicole!

Enhance your inner beauty.

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