The Business Of Balayage

First making its appearance in the 70’s, this trend has popped back up and is here to stay…that trend is Balayage. If you follow along with beauty gurus on social media, flip through fashion magazines or have visited the salon recently, I guarantee that you have heard of the technique. Sweeping across the globe, this trend is the most requested look and the techniques and products used are ever changing.

What is Balayage: Pronounced ba*lay*age, the term literally means “to sweep” or “to paint” in French. It is a highlighting technique in which your stylist free hand paints the lightener on the hair to create a completely customized look that adds depth and dimension. The lightener that is specifically designed for Balayage is different from traditional products. It is clay-based, gentler, and allows for a soft transition from root to end. Because the lightener does not lift as much, this process can take longer to achieve brighter results but every step of the way is just as beautiful. You can decide to focus the brightest pieces around the face to enhance your features, brighten up your ends to create a “Sombre” (soft ombre), or an all over organic look. Balayage can be paired with other techniques such as babylights, lowlights or a root smudge. The possibilities are endless and the results are modern, fashion forward, and positively gorgeous. Because the application of this look is tedious and takes more time then your regular visit, the price reflects the love and hours put into your hair.