Explore BC - A Journey to Sloquet Hot Springs

Spring is finally here, and the weather is getting more beautiful every day! This is the perfect time of year to explore our beautiful province, and to take a moment to appreciate all of the hidden gems that we possess so close to home. My husband and I have a deep love for nature and adventure. We spend most of our weekends and holidays exploring our province, with our canine companions by our sides.

Outdoor adventure is especially rewarding when you can hit up a hot spring along the way, and soak in a warm, tranquil, natural pool. No, I'm not talking about Harrison Hot Springs, or any of the resorts you have heard of or visited before. I'm talking about natural springs, that have been unobstructed by man. The springs I talk of cost you nothing for your visit, and are far more relaxing than a trip to a commercialized hot spring could ever be. They are often an adventure on their own to find, and offer an experience that is hard to surpass. One of our favorite spots that we have discovered over years of adventure together, is Sloquet Hot Springs. We have traveled to these springs half a dozen times, and even have a trip planned to visit them later this month.