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Your Only As Good As Your Team

When venturing out into this crazy beauty industry you quickly realize you're not alone, you have an entire team behind you. From day one you are surrounded by the same creative, quirky, passionate people who love what you love. You learn together, grow together, share the same insecurities. You watch each other fall and stand back up, you watch each other succeed. Success doesn't happen over night and we must be patient with our practice and learn from your peers, control your ego and accept humility. Your habits and leadership will rub off on your team, the good the bad and the ugly.

To work with women and men that want to create and make people feel good about themselves truthfully for me, it's hard to call it work. In my opinion a good team will help each other, respect each other, communicate, listen, motivate and most importantly laugh together.

I'm happy to say Purnama Style Lounge feels like home away from home and I am humbled to be apart of THIS team

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