Life. Clients. Family & Saying Goodbye.

Life, clients, family and saying goodbye. I worked really hard for 5 years working under an employer perfecting my skills and gaining clientele before I made the move to venture on my own. Fast forward 3 years, I've now had a successful business being my own boss. When I found out in December 2015 I was going to bring a baby into this world, a lot went through my mind. What will happen to my clients? Where will they go once I'm on maternity leave ? What will happen to everything I've worked so hard for?

Being in the beauty industry and being on your own, I had two options.

Option #1. Go back to work right after the baby is born so I don't loose my clientele and what I've worked so hard for.

Or Option #2. Take my 12 month maternity leave and come back to work starting from square one.