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The Duckie Project

Hi there my name is Ashley and I am obsessed with ducks, I have been loving them and doing anything in the world that could possibly help these amazing animals. Growing up I had a pet duck that we used to take to the beach and was my best friend and I think that's where my love began. Recently I had my "duckcation" where David from quality farms dropped off two cutie duckies with food, a heat lamp and some easy instructions to take care of these ducklings. I took 5 days off of work to give my absolute love and attention to them. It made me realize just how special these guys are!! My boyfriend has a pond at his house, so we hung outside all day and they would take a swim, clean themselves, eat and then come in for a cuddle. When my duckcation was over, an extreme sad feeling came over me. I knew right then and there that I wanted to help these animals anyway possible. I decided I was going to make rings, as a rock collector as a child I had many to use and being at the beach finding that perfect stone reminds me of the ducks as they were always around.

To be honest I found it rather challenging to find a non profit place to donate my money to, emailed many organizations and many vets with not even a hello back, that is when I decided to pair up with David from Quality Farms as he has just as much love for ducks as I do. With the money I am raising it will go towards supplies for the ducklings and a poultry park. Right now I have already raised enough to by an incubator, this is helpful when David is doing his ducksitting or education for students and families about the hatching of ducks. Seeing the children with them shows you love and compassion. When I was with them I noticed how calm and at peace I was, I did not think of one single bad thought, no anxiety, the ducks will make you smile and laugh a lot I promise!! In the future I would love to help with people & children that are struggling with anxiety and bring these amazing animals into their life to help them with that! Ducks are actually amazing therapy animals if you don't believe it, google it! As far as the poultry farm goes, that will be a safe haven for ducks and chickens, part of my fundraising will help build this park and also will be proving a chicken that will lay eggs to families in need of food.

Please help us help the ducks by raising attention to how special they are! These rings are only $10, they are available at Purnama Style Lounge and100% of the proceeds go to The Duckie Project!!! For the month of September Purnama Designs will be contributing 10% off all sales towards these precious duckies! xo

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