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The Power Of Products


Coco Chanel once said "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life"... and we couldn't agree more. But what happens to your hair when you go home? Using the right products for your hair can completely transform the wayit looks and behaves. I thought I would quickly touch base on some tips and tricks and information for picking the right tools so you can benefit the most.

Quality product is key: In a world full of parabens and sulfates, making sure you know what goes into what you are using is so important. When you purchase your product in a salon.. the companies have done their due diligence and there is a lot of science to back up what they say they will do. Although the price tag of the drug store shampoos and conditioners is definitely appealing.... there are multiple reasons to be leary. Many of these products contain chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oils, essentially drying it out. Have you ever noticed a waxy build up after using one of the drug store brands? This can be caused by the fillers that are used to dilute the ingredients within the bottle. These fillers can sometimes make your hair feel soft but it is not actually hydrating it from within. Although the cost of quality product is higher, the ingredients are more concentrated and are packed with vitamins and minerals to suit your needs and give you long lasting results. High quality products tend to go further and they are way healthier for your locks! ​​​

​​​Choosing what is right for you: There are a million products out there, but your hair is as unique as you. Paying special attention to what your hair is craving or missing is a good starting point. Is your hair dry or brittle? Heat could be a culprit or your hair could be lacking nourishment. Is your scalp dry or oily? You could possibly need to rebalance your scalps ph. Do you colour your hair? A hair care line that works with color specifically would be ideal. What if your hair is dry but fine? You will need a moisturizing product that packs a punch but doesnt weigh your hair down. It can be really easy to misdiagnose what our hair is actually needing. This is where your stylist comes in... don't be afraid to ask us questions. We have tried all of the products on our shelves and know their pros and cons and what would work best for you. We are proud to carry quality brands that provide outstanding results that we can stand behind. ​

I asked our Purnama Babes what their favorite product was and why:

Desiree - @hairbydesireethring

Amika The Shield - Style Extending Spray

"This heat protectant is a dry & lightweight spray. It fights frizz & humidity helping your style last all day!"

Courtney - @__coco_love__

Amika Triple RX Mask . "Quenches thirsty locks and smells amazing!"


Grace - @fiftyshadesofbalayage

Davines Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner . "It gives my hair lustre and shine."

Crystal - @thestylistcrystal

Davines Oi Beautifying Oil . "I love the softness and shine it gives to my guests hair. It's not too heavy, so almost everyone can use it. And it smells incredible!"

Neeva - @neevakinehair

Amika Un-Done Texture Spray "It's liquid gold."

Ashley - @recreate_by_ashley

Davines Volu Spray "Amazing volume & lift when used at the root. Can be used on mid ends to create fuller yet softer hair"

Annie -@thebeautycharmer

Amika Dry Shampoo "Smells so good & leaves my hair feeling fresh!"

Happy shopping!!

Love always,

Desiree Thring

Your local Hair Perfectionist

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