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How My Husband & I Used The Power Of Visualization To Move Provinces.

Hello, I'm Grace Corradetti. I recently moved to Kelowna with my husband Justin in July. It took us less than a year for our idea to turn into a reality. Back in September 2016, we had visited Kelowna for our friends wedding, and like most people do when they visit Kelowna, we dreamed of moving here. My family would vacation here every year since I was 13, and my husband, Justin grew up in Kelowna and moved to Calgary as a young adult. There's just something about driving through orchards, vineyards and lakes that makes you feel like this is the most beautiful place in Canada, a four seasons paradise. On our drive back to Calgary from the wedding, all we could talk about was moving to Kelowna, and thought of a million and one ways we could do it. Dreaming about how amazing it would be to raise our future family there, as we had both had such wonderful memories growing up and vacationing in Kelowna.

September 2016.... Where it all began Justin and I had started planning our wedding as we had just recently got engaged. Now for most people planning a "big fat Italian wedding" that would be more than enough stress, but, when you really believe in something it starts to manifest with out you even realizing it. Over the course of a few months Justin and I had started really putting our move in the forefront of our vision. My husband who was a 10 year city police officer decided that he wanted to get into real-estate and leave policing behind, not an easy decision as he had spent most of his adult life as a police officer, he still loved his job, and not to mention how nice it is to have an economy proof career, in an otherwise downward economy. I had built up a really beautiful clientele over the course of 12 years as a stylist/make-up artist. Needless to say our life in Calgary was very comfortable, family was close by, friends we'd grown up with were in similar places in there lives , we really built a wonderful network of people around us. So why move? why start over as newly weds when everything is so perfectly placed out just to move to another beautiful place with no guaranteed income, or familiarity? All of us i'm sure at some point in our lives have been to a place that makes you feel like you could really flourish, you dream of how amazing it would be, or how happy you'd be, and then, you get back to your life, where it's comfortable, and predictable, where its safe and you already have your routines in place. You maybe think, well life isn't so bad here lets just stay. All big moves in life start with an idea, an idea that turns into a dream that turns into visualizing yourself there, to living in your dream. When I was in my early twenties I visited New York City, (my most favourite place in the world) New York is always a great place to fuel a creative brain and to get inspired. As I was walking around central park someone had written on the pavement in chalk " become your dream" there was something about those words that really penetrated my subconscious. It is my belief that we should always live in a state of dreaming, a state of making things around you feel so good you need to pinch yourself.

"Become your dream"

"Best day of our lives" Not always easy, because life happens and sometimes we get in the way of ourselves. But, if you really believe that you are driver in your life you can take yourself to places you never thought of. For my husband and I Kelowna wasn't just a place, it was a utopia and a dream we shared. Its a place that had a fresh start, a place that had no limits as to what you could do there, or be. Most days when he wasn't working night shifts we would go on gratitude walks, we would talk about how much we appreciated everything we had and everyone in it, we would talk about our future businesses and visualize our selves in Kelowna, we would visualize where we would potentially live, and what kind of house we would live in. We would talk about our new routines now that he wouldn't have to work so many long hours and have so many sleepless nights. We would DREAM together. Every night we would place the idea of moving to Kelowna in our dreams; I would picture myself running through orchards (not like you can actually do that, but hey, it was my dream) we'd picture ourselves walking on the beach that would be minutes away from our house, or how much our poocho Bronx would like it there. This decision wasn't all easy, we had a lot of realities we had to face; like telling our family and friends that we were moving and leaving jobs that we were committed to. I remember feeling like we had to do it, I would feel a tingling down my spine every time it came up. Everything just felt right about it, 11:11 on every clock would follow us around when we would dream about it or in times of doubt to keep us on track, there was a synchronicity about it, everything fell into place, it was like we had done this before, it was a now or never feeling. When Justin and I decided to go to Kelowna back in February to look for jobs and get an idea of where we might want to live, we stayed in a bnb in an area that my husband grew up in and had always dreamt of buying a house in. After long days of searching for new salons and Justin learning the ropes at his new brokerage we would go on our gratitude walks, in our DREAM neighbourhood. The bnb was in a beautiful cul-de-sac that we would walk every night. We would would say things like " I would literally take any house on this block" or " imagine if we lived here". So, every morning we'd wake up and talk about Kelowna and that street, and every night we would picture ourselves on that street. Call it a coincidence, or manifestation, a house on that very block was for sale, and a few months later we were here, and bought the house "sight unseen".

Our new house, on our dream block! Magic. Complete magic! We may of bought the house sight unseen but we had been living there in our subconscious and in our dreams all along. Through this whole process, there were times where I was weak and I would talk myself into a state of fear, and likewise for Justin, who is innately a provider would have bouts of fear of not getting that guaranteed cheque every two weeks. It was up to the other partner to be strong in those times to talk the other out of fear, "babe, you're the smartest person I know with endless capabilities, we've got this, trust me" So, with all fears checked at the door, we got married which was the best day of my life I might add, 2 weeks later packed up the house with our families help (thank god for them) and moved to our very own Utopia. Through out this lesson in my life, I have realized, nothing is to far out of reach or impossible, through the practice of visualization and focus you can have anything and everything you've ever wanted. I always try to remember that I am the driver in this life so i'm going to make the best of it and take the leap even if it doesn't make sense on paper, your gut and your higher self knows. Here's to new beginnings and living a life of abundance. Lots of love always,

Grace Corradetti Follow me @fiftyshadesofbalayage Follow Justin:

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