How My Husband & I Used The Power Of Visualization To Move Provinces.

Hello, I'm Grace Corradetti. I recently moved to Kelowna with my husband Justin in July. It took us less than a year for our idea to turn into a reality. Back in September 2016, we had visited Kelowna for our friends wedding, and like most people do when they visit Kelowna, we dreamed of moving here. My family would vacation here every year since I was 13, and my husband, Justin grew up in Kelowna and moved to Calgary as a young adult. There's just something about driving through orchards, vineyards and lakes that makes you feel like this is the most beautiful place in Canada, a four seasons paradise. On our drive back to Calgary from the wedding, all we could talk about was moving to Kelowna, and thought of a million and one ways we could do it. Dreaming about how amazing it would be to raise our future family there, as we had both had such wonderful memories growing up and vacationing in Kelowna.