The first day of a new year has arrived, and I embrace it’s presence with open arms. Not only the start of a new year, today is also the one year mark of when I began my journey with Purnama, as a new artist of our tribe. My love for our beautiful style lounge runs deep, and my heart is so full of gratitude for the incredible shift of positive energy that this change has brought to my life. We are a product of our thoughts, and our thoughts are a product of our environment. The shift of energy I have felt around me while working within this beautiful space has been absolutely life changing; creatively, physically, emotionally, spiritually! I hadn’t realized the true extent of toxicity the environment I was working from before had taken on my being, until I saw the light of what life could be in a different space, and all the potential it held. What happiness could be. What freedom could be. A bird cannot fly with clipped wings, and an artist cannot create to their true potential without freedom of expression. I took a leap of faith, and in our beautiful Purnama I found my sanctuary.

I am grateful for Purnama every single day; our artists, our space, our guests. The energy and experiences that we share. I am so grateful to have found an environment that I can create from so freely, beside fellow female entrepreneurs who love and support each other fully, in a beautiful sanctuary where our guests feel comfort and joy the very moment they walk through our door. There is no competition or animosity in our space, instead there is love, trust, integrity and encouragement. I am so grateful to have found this tribe, and to be able to work beside these powerful artists, each truly as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. We are a team that thrives on individuality and female empowerment. Kindness and karma. Passion and compassion. Serenity and beautiful hair. I cannot fully express in words the true depth of the love we share. It is eternal. It is ground sh