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Tips & Tricks For Our Purnama Brides To Be

Hey Mermaids,

Summer is finally here! When the Okanagan sun starts shining it means that wedding season is upon us. In a past chapter in my life I was a wedding planner and worked with a floral and event design company in Vancouver… so I guess you can say that I have always had a love for all things bridal. Now doing hair I get the privilege of making brides feel beautiful on their big day. I thought this newsletter was the perfect opportunity to give some tips and advice on how you can achieve the perfect style that you have always dreamed of. So whether you are planning your wedding currently, or are about to, these tips are for you!

1. Inspiration is key! With so many incredible apps out there (Pinterest and Instagram etc), inspiration is everywhere! Find a style and a look that you love and save the pictures. Whether you are a bohemian babe or more of the classic and romantic type, the opportunities are endless! When having the consultation with your stylist bring in your photos and discuss the many different details that you love and would want to incorporate into your look. Maybe you wouldlike to transform into 2 or 3 looks?

2. When choosing a hairstyle, always think about the style of your dress. If you have a super low back, cascading curls can be so incredibly beautiful. If the neckline is covered in intricate lace, an organic updo can compliment it perfectly. If the dress is simple, you can always add a little sparkle with accessories. Floral crowns and fresh cut flowers are a feminine touch for the earthy and bohemian styles that are so popular today.

3. When looking at inspiration photos of bridal hairstyles, make sure to take your natural texture of your hair into account. Some styles simply may not be achievable with your hair type. With the use of things such as fillers in updos, your stylist however can give the illusion of more hair. Extensions are always a great way to add fullness and length, and they also make an impact and provide the wow factor that will blow your guests away.

4. Research different hairstylists. Instagram is a great way to see a portfolio of their work. If you relate to their brand and love their style, book a consultation! You want your stylist to understand your vision and bring your personality into your look.

5. Stay true to you!!! If you feel most beautiful with your hair down… wear it down. There is no written rule that a bride needs to wear her hair differently then she normally does on her wedding day. The day is all about you and you want to feel comfortable and happy with your decision. If you can't decide, have your stylist by your side and have a quick look change before your dinner.

6. Never skip out on the trial! The trial gives you the opportunity to create a connection with your hair stylist and play with ideas. Don’t be scared to ask to try a couple of different looks. Tip: Get your stylist to take pics of each look from different angles in natural light! Hair always looks different on camera then it does in person. You will also then have the pictures to reference when you go home. Also try to plan both the hair and makeup trials on the same day so you can get a feel of the overall look. Oh and don’t forget to bring your accessories! This includes veils and jewelry. Sometimes hair accessories can be quite heavy and don’t always work the way you hope they will (I have personally come up against this in trials..) and it gives the chance and time to trouble shoot and come up with a plan B. If you are using clip in extensions, please bring them into your trial as this will play a big role in the finished product.

7. If you are colouring your hair do it at least two weeks before your wedding. This will give you the chance to change anything if you need to and won’t leave you as stressed on the week of as you will already have so much on your plate.

8. Schedule your get ready time for the wedding accordingly. There is nothing worse then running behind and becoming stressed out. Plan the morning so that you will have more then enough time to have a glass of champagne with your girls and snap some pictures before you walk down the isle.

9. Trust the process! On the day of your wedding just remember to breathe and take it all in. This is your day and it will be perfect.

I hope that these tips help you out!

Happy planning!

Much love,

The Hair Perfectionist

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.
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