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September Mantra By Crystal Price

Love yourself. Honour yourself.

Make time for yourself.

Even take yourself on dates.

Sit within your own thoughts.

Your own stillness.

Connect within your own self,

And your own heart.

Know that you are eternally safe.

Express yourself.

Your own unique truth.

Your own unique flame.

Your truest you.

Don't let anyone tell you-

That you are too much,

Or that you are too little.

Live authentically you.

Seek energies that excite you-

That ignite you; and all that lifts you high.

Enjoy the journey. Trust the timing.

Seek your truth- and your divine light.

Trust the Universe. The stars within your being.

The cosmic energy from which you came.

Live by the sun. Love by the moon.

Honour your body. Treasure your truth.

You are loved. You are whole.

You are safe.

And you are free.

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