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Hello my name is Courtney Weller, I am the owner of a beauty sanctuary, Purnama Style Lounge located in Kelowna, BC. Currently there are 8 Purnama members of our tribe. After my last design trip to Bali, my eyes where opened to the seriousness of the dogs in need of love on the beautiful ‘Island Of The Gods.’ In June I ended up adopting a precious fur baby named Ita (pronounced E-TA), this was my first time rescuing an animal and it has been an incredible journey of showing her what true love is and watching her slowly settle into a safe and comfortable home. A kind hearted lady named Ririe of Angel Of Paws helped me through the process of bringing an animal from Asia to Canada. I have got to known her very well through this process and I would like help her with the 40+ dogs currently in her care, which leads me the purpose of this email. We are selling raffle tickets for multiple prizes made up of amazing donations from local businesses. Attached you will find a flyer composed of all the information you need regarding the fundraiser, along with a Youtube video that tells the story behind our cause. We are looking for local businesses to donate prizes, as we gather the donations we will be advertising them on our Instagram stories. We are also looking for any businesses who would be interested in selling tickets at their front desk to our community. The draw will take place Dec 1, 2018. We accept donations WORLDWIDE. Please send by PayPal to If you would like to support us with this cause email us at to learn more! We are so grateful for the many people that are standing beside us as every little bit has an impact. Thank you in advance for taking your time to educate yourself about the issues at hand, and for helping us make a difference. We appreciate you. xo

Love always,

The Purnama Familia

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