My Northern Experience and Homecoming

For the the last 4 and a half years I have lived in a small northern community in northern BC. It was an experience to say the least! Ups and downs for sure, and a lot of snow. As one can imagine moving to the northern abyss was a bit overwhelming for this Kelowna girl, but in the end I definitely got to see things I never would have seen living down south, and for that I am truly thankful. We decided to head up north on Feb 1. You're probably thinking that is the worst time of year to head north, and you're is. We arrived in a blizzard with a temperature of -40C, and ironically, left in another blizzard in April this year. So other than blizzards and -40 weather and 8 months of darkness, what were the high lights you ask? Well I experienced a different culture and way of life, a small community that comes together and everybody knows your name. People enjoying to live sustainably, hunting and fishing to fill their freezers and feed their families. Our summer nights were never ending, with the sun staying out to play well past bedtime! Camping every weekend under the stars, in the middle of nowhere, literally with the moose and the bears, feeling so tiny in a world so big. The northern lights dancing across the skies more often than not. Then you would see someone riding a ski-doo through town instead of driving. Oh and I cant forget about the pond hockey tournaments and the dances at the community hall, and the local rodeo and fairground events! Popping into the local watering hole and seeing your neighbours, because well everyone pretty much is your neighbour! We loved driving way up north into the Coast Mountains and finding the amazing hot springs, waterfalls,and turquoise blue glacier lakes. All of this is something I would have never dreamed of experiencing until i was immersed in it, and I am so happy that I did, an experience that will stay deep in my heart, but also still gives me an undying appreciation and love for my true home here in the Okanagan Valley! I am so happy to be back with my heart full and to be back with my family and friends! The Icing on the cake is that now I have found my tribe at Purnama, the girls who are my other family, true soul sisters who have welcomed me with open arms, and now can't imagine life without them!!!

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