The Beauty Charmer’s Adventures In Europe

In October, I spent two weeks exploring Germany and Prague with my boyfriend Gaven. It had completely surpassed my expectations. The site-seeing, shopping, night life, food and lifestyle were absolutely incredible. We met in Berlin (Gaven lives in Texas) and stayed for a few days. (Berlin itself is a city you could spend a month in.)

We rented a car and stayed in Hamburg for a couple nights. We drove to Cologne to meet some friends to watch the Oilers play against Germany (my boyfriend is a die hard fan.. and this was the true reason for the trip). We headed to Munich for a couple nights for Oktoberfest (which was amazing). From Munich we drove to Prague for a few days, then headed to Dresden (both Prague and Dresden are probably the most beautiful cities I have ever seen to date) then we headed back to Berlin for the last couple days of our trip.

One of the highlights of our trip (apart from all the amazing food we ate every single day) was the Sedlec Ossuary. One of my clients had suggested it, and it’