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Our Little Green Salon

In a world full of mass production and over consumption - it is now - more than ever so important to take steps to make a difference. Purnama proudly has made conscious choices to help make a positive impact on the globe. When you come and sit in one of our chairs and get beautified - you can also feel great about helping make a difference. Let us tell you about our little green salon....

Green Circle: Green circle is “the worlds first, and North America’s only sustainable salon solution to recover and repurpose beauty waste”. For each guest that sits in one of our chairs we pay $1.00 to be a part of the Green Circle community. This allows us to recycle up to 95% of our previous salon waste. Hair clippings, used foil and empty colour tubes, unused colour and aerosol cans are sorted, boxed up and picked up by Green Circle to be properly broken down into reusable products. Fun fact: your hair clippings are repurposed into oil absorbing booms that will one day help contain an oil spill in the event of a catastrophe. How cool is that?


We are a Davines concept salon - meaning that our backbar, our retail and our products that we use behind the scenes are majority Davines. Founded in Parma Italy in 1983, The goal of Davines was to combine beauty + sustainability. All of their products are the made with the highest quality natural ingredients that are scientifically engineered to work. Many of their ingredients are found on local, organic family farms and made from environmentally friendly processes. Did you know that even their product packaging is eco-friendly? Made from recycled products - using as little raw materials as possible, in containers that are food grade (yes you can pack your lunch in your old conditioner container!). We could speak for days about all of the incredible things that Davines does for the planet .. but if you want to find out more you can go to

Indah Lux: Created by Purnama’s very own founder, Courtney Weller - “Indah Lux strives to be a luxury, fashion-forward and organically sustainable brand of beautiful jewelry.” Inspired by artisanship in Indonesia - her pieces are

handmade with recycled metal from ships and adorned with natural crystals. The factory that Indah Lux is crafted in employs village locals and each piece is made with love. When you purchase a Indah Lux piece, you will be wearing a one of a kind, handcrafted design that you can feel good about.

Ecoheads: Recently we jumped on board this brands shower heads that we now use in our shampoo room, India. Not only do these look super cool, but they reduce water and energy consumption by up to 65% while doubling water pressure. These shower heads also remove sediment, rust and sand. #Winning What else does Purnama do to make a difference? We believe that each little choice we make can have an impact. Our hand towels in the bathroom are re-usable and we choose to wash all of our laundry in cold water which conserves energy. We no longer use teabags and have converted over to tea diffusers to cut down in waste - we use Chaibaba tea as it allows us to support a fellow local shop that chooses organically sourced ingredients. We provide our guests with Silk Almond coffee creamers which are non-GMO and vegan. We We opt for LED lighting, and we go paperless for as much office work as we can. Thank you for your continued support, Mermaids. Your support is helping us make a difference that we can all feel good about. Until next time... Xoxo

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