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A Home In Purnama

A month has passed since I stepped into the unknown, leaving a place of comfort behind I was drawn towards the light and energy of Purnama. I was searching for a sanctuary where my creativity could grow in the ways that my dreams have shown me to be possible. In my 14 years as a hairstylist I have had the pleasure of working in amazing salons in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Kelowna, I have been an educator and mentor to other stylists, and I have developed my skills in top institutes in New York and LA. I have even had the amazing opportunity the past two years to head the hair department on feature films, working behind the scenes with talented actors and a variety of other professionals to bring stories to life on the big screen. In the months leading up to my joining the tribe at Purnama I was feeling a little stagnant in my growth. Don't get me wrong, the gratitude I have for all of the wonderful experiences that have come my way is off the charts. I am beyond thankful for every haircut, hair colour, and hairstyle that lead me to this point in my career. However as a creative, and a dreamer, I am always looking to the future and thrive on new experiences and ideas. I have continually invested in my skills as a stylist but have neglected to embrace the skills that come with business. Feeling that Purnama was the perfect fit for my brand to thrive (a feeling that has been confirmed by every guest that has sat in my new chair) I found a home and a place to challenge my ability to grow my business. A month has past but it feels as though i have always been a part of this magic. The welcome into Purnama has been a warm embrace to say the least and It is clear that we are all in the right place for the right reasons. I look forward to the experience that everyday at Purnama offers and am excited for tomorrow.

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