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Act of Kindness

Welcome to PURNAMA STATE OF MIND. Today we are going to explore the act of kindness and why it is so important to integrate into your daily life. We all know the saying 'what comes around goes around.' By paying it forward, it creates a domino effect, it allows us to make someone's day a little easier and a little brighter, not only does it inspire them to spread the love, you may even notice that when your in need some one may lend you a helping hand or a gift may appear on your doorstep! This way of being brings more abundance in everyones lives, in ways you couldn't even imagine!

At Purnama we believe that spreading kindness allows us to connect to others on a more meaningful level by spreading our light to others, together we can make this world a better place. We don’t always realize the impact our words and actions can have, but it can be super powerful on a conscious level.

One the 1st of each month we will share on our Instagram 'Our Random Act Of Kindness' to focus on for the month. For September our focus is on helping out our elderly person when you see an opportunity to assist them. Perhaps its carrying their groceries or mowing your neighbours lawn. These are only a couple examples of acts you can do to help spread kindness in your community. Tag us while your paying it forward for a chance to be featured!

Kindness also helps us cultivate gratitude which transcends into abundance. Try waking up a little earlier, slowing down and being present in each moment, this allows us the time to acknowledge all the abundance we have already have in our lives, we believe true happiness always stems from the simple things in life.

With love and gratitude,

The Purnama Familia

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