Full Moon in Aquarius

Welcome to PURNAMA STATE OF MIND. This is a place where we share our connection to the moon, Mother Earth and our sustainable way of life with the world. Once a month we will share our favourite moon rituals and the power they have on our life when one can surrender and learn how to flow with the strong energy. New moon is for setting intentions and during full moon we release what is no longer serving us.

The full moon of Aquarious on August 3rd and is named the “Sturgeon Moon” after North Americas largest fish. In ancient times it was known for the people to track the seasons through the lunar month, rather than the solar year.

During this time sturgeon were very important to tribes for survival, making its name today. It was also given many other names such as the grain moon and green corn moon due to the significance of storing food away in the late summer for the long winter ahead.

This time of the year is signified by change. The spiritual meaning for the Sturgeon moon is to seek justice and embrace change.

One of the fascinating parts is that it’s the most powerful moon of the year pushing people to take a step back and re group. If you’re feeling heavy in these times, just remember to breathe.

A few great practices for the full moon are..

  • Meditation