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PURNAMA Smudge Session

Welcome to Purnama State of Mind. A place where we share with you our knowledge in the beauty & fashion industry, organic beauty tips, recipes for health & wellness, our global travel advice, receives, moon rituals, the reasons we love our favourite local businesses in the Okanagan and much more!

Our guests often ask us how to smudge their space properly which is what inspired us to create this cleansing guide!

Before we begin you are going to want to collect your materials.


- Your intentions

- Burn bowl or abalone shell

- Feather

- Lighter / matches

- Clean & tidy home

- Bundle of herbs or cleansing remedy of your choice (see below)

We recommend using one the ritual kits by Crystal Hills.



This ancient herb has been used for many moons in healing traditions with the Native American tribes and as well the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used as a staple in their medicine. A powerful herb that does much more than clearing energy it also improves our air quality by removing bacteria from the air, shields us with protection, boosts our defence against diseases, it even increases our wisdom & intuition.


Cinnamon raises our spiritual vibration by attracting love, abundance in to our lives. It also promotes healing while releasing a sweet, earthy & spicy scent into your area.

Palo Santos

A traditionally used natural remedy originating from wild trees in the Yucatân Peninsula in Peru & Venezuela. This wood carries a sweet scent of mint, lemon and pine makes Palo Santo one of the most fragrant woods in the world. Burn when you want to eliminate negative energy and fill your home with good fortune.


A beautiful tree fruitful with small blueberries; when this herb is burned it is said it has the ability to wards off thieves, protect our home from accidents happening by welcoming in a peaceful & positive energy.


Now that you have collected your materials & your home is tidy, it’s time to begin cleansing!

1. Take a moment to sit in silence and set your intention of what you would like to cleanse out of your space and what you would like to welcome into your life.

2. Create a mantra or short prayer to say in your head or out loud as you are smudging. For example: I wish to cleanse this space from stagnant energies. I welcome in good health, abundance, peace and love into my home.

3. Keep all doors and windows closed. Begin at the front door of your home, light your cleansing stick for 10 seconds or so & blow on it a couple times to enkindle the smoke in your bundle.

4. Begin to move mindfully around your home saying your mantra out loud or in your head. Continue to recite the words during the entire smudging process. Feel free to change your mantra per room or make it up as you go along.

5. As you walk clockwise around the entire perimeter of your home, allow the smoke to seep into the most hidden spaces such as your closets. Move from corner to corner using your feather to guide the smoke.

6. After you finish, smother the cherry of your smudge stick in the abalone shell making sure it is completely out. Open all your windows and doors allowing for the negative energy to escape with the smoke.

We would love to hear about your experience smudging your home! Wishing you a cleared home filled with positivity, love and abundance.

Happy smudging!

- Purnama State Of Mind

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