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Moon Micheal

Hello!!!  Im Michael! Aka Mykee! 

Im so thrilled to be part of the Purnama family. So thrilled I wrote a poem to express the magic I have experienced by being here.  I know you will experience that magic feeling here too! Moon Michael Sunshine beams in my soul Inner most beauty is my goal Creativity and vision I hold in each palm Experience is seen and felt with a sense of calm A sanctuary enchanted and divine Purnama every corner a treasure to find Each tribe artist full of spirit and light We lift each other up to cosmic heights Sipping vino, Im Okanagan raised Sing, dance, and beach is how I spend my days Friends, family and community is what im living for Blessed, grateful and appreciative I couldnt ask for more. Sunsets, mermaids, unicorns, and stars Magic is but a gem kept in the heart

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