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Once Upon A Time At Purnama

Once upon a time, in a magical land not so far away, Coco had a dream to open up a charming beauty sanctuary where all the greatest beauty artists could work independently in a beautiful and supportive community. She wanted to create a safe space for talented souls to be the fullest expression of their true selves. She didn’t know how this dream of hers would ever come true but in her heart she knew that if she believed it, it would happen.

One day when she least expected it, the opportunity presented itself, without overthinking the decision she said yes, signed the lease and immediately began creating the plans for the huge renovation that was about to take place. Coco was so focused on the excitement of her dream project that she completely forgot to get insurance. That evening during her beauty sleep she awoke abruptly by a phone call at 3am from the police stating there had been a break and entry into the salon. In a state of being half asleep, she still needed a minute to respond as she was trying to figure out if this was a nightmare or real life. “Hello? Miss? Are you there?” said the police officer bringing her back into reality. She quickly realized she was not stuck in a nightmare, jumped out of bed, her hair in disarray, and drove down to the salon to meet the officer. As she was driving she smiled to herself and knew this was a message from her angels to get insurance right away.As she pulled up to the salon she saw the headlights of her fathers truck in her rear view mirror. They both hopped out of their vehicle and went to file a report with the officer. She was shocked to discover the front door of the salon completely shattered, she burst into tears for a moment wondering if she made the right decision taking on a project this big. She quickly collected her self, found her center, remembered her purpose and cleaned up the broken glass with a slight smile on her face. Instead of throwing away all the broken shards of glass she carefully stored them in a bag. Her fathers face displayed a sign of confusion, but he knew Coco was always upto something and didn’t have the energy to ask her why she would want to save this garbage.

The following week Coco called her father to ask him to meet her at the salon to help her hang up some items in India.She was so excited to show him her creation. Coco decided to turn the broken glass into art and create a powerful Feng Shui energy in the space. She decorated the frame of the mirror on the back wall in the shampoo room with all the broken glass to symbolize that nothing can break the spirit of Purnama or stop anyone from following their dreams. She put a mirror across from it to reflect back the energy and create a streaming energy back and forth between them.

There will always be tough life lessons but when you learn how to turn lemons into lemonade nothing can stop you and you become stronger, wiser and more fluid to the obstacles that come at you.

We hope you enjoyed our story about the magical mirror in our shampoo room also known as India. Next time you visit Purnama for your beauty service take a moment to observe the mirror on the back wall in our shampoo room.

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