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Frangipani: Purnama Signature Fragrance

Welcome to Purnama State of Mind

At Purnama we embrace our signature fragrance the Frangipani flower. This is the national flower of Bali and in Feng Shui symbolizes love. It also has many healing benefits such as strengthening the immune system + fighting off stress. This magical and beautiful flower has the most beautiful scent; we love to diffuse frangipani oil in our beauty sanctuary.

We even created our own signature frangipani flower candles for you to take home! Now available in two sizes!

Health Benefits of Frangipani

Science has revealed that frangipani contains a number of powerful chemicals that are beneficial to the human body. Aside from its essential oil, frangipani is also loaded with fulvoplumierin compounds which are known for its anti-bacterial effects. Frangipani can also help ease depression, dry skin, and heart disease. In India they use it to help with fainting from the intense heat.

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