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Sustainable Salon Kelowna

More About Our Sustainable Salon Kelowna

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s more important than ever to practice sustainable choices in everything we do. That’s why you’ll find that our Sustainable Salon Kelowna practices a number of earth-friendly actions all geared toward improving our world. Waste and toxic chemicals can easily enter our oceans, air, and soil which can cause irreparable harm to the environment. From the animals and plants to the air we breathe, everything we throw away affects our world. It’s important to find hair stylists in my area that are following more sustainable practices. At our sustainable salon Kelowna, you’ll discover the difference. First, we always recycle as much as we possibly can to keep the earth cleaner. From the foils we use on your hair to leftover coloring products, it’s our goal to try and recycle everything we are able to. That even includes hair! In fact, at Purnama Beauty Lounge, we have a firm belief that we should live a non-footprint way of life.

We have proudly been named a Green Circle Salon since 2005 and we’re even prouder to continue to live by those standards today. Over 42,000 excess pounds of leftover hair color, toner, and other products are dumped down the drain every day! These chemicals go directly into the water supply and can have a seriously negative effect on drinking water and animals who live in our oceans. At our salon, we recycle our hair color, lightener, and toner to keep our environment safe and clean for all. Even hair can cause problems as it releases greenhouse gases when it tries to break down. Our salon recycles hair, and we work hard to keep our earth clean. Look for hair stylists in my area, and be sure to consider us if you’re looking for a green, responsible, and sustainable salon.

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