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Tell us about your beauty education and how it made you so fabulous. I trained under one of B.C's top extension Educators who I have also been apprenticing under for the last year.  I love all things extensions and cannot wait to see what I can do for my clients. I am currently learning color and cutting to be able to offer all my guests a full service experience!


What’s your specialty? Extensions! They are definitely my passion! I Love the looks you can create, or give someone the thick hair they have always wanted! 

Favorite Hair Style Right Now?       Long mermaid waves

Other then beautifying, what are your passions in life?


Nature, definitely plants. (I have a huge collection), my family and all things beauty.  I love herbology and creating healing natural products.

You are stranded on an island, what are three things you cannot live with out

  My exteions lol, prob a water bottle, matches? Thats a tough question.

Quote To Live By:  Kindness is contagious.


Favorite Scent:  Sandelwood & Lavender

Favourite Color:  Seafoam green, any ocean colors!

Most Memorable Travel Experience?  Trying to get to vegas for my wedding, definitely a story there!

Krystal Moland   
*Extension Stylist*   
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